Steve Davidson


It’s the end of another year. Where do we want to be by this time next year? Have we learned anything? Have we become better people? Steve tries to make some serious points about being a fan.

The Artful Collector: The Major Awards for Artists and ART: The Hugo

As I was downloading some bid sheets this week, in preparation for packing up the art to be displayed at the  LoneStarCon3 Art Show, the 71st World Science Fiction Convention (San Antonio TX) I was suddenly reminded that someone needs to speak up for the Award that matters most to artists in the field: the […]


Una de las reacciones más interesantes que ha provocado mi entrada como “blogger” en Amazing Stories es la del destacado escritor venezolano Jorge de Abreu, quién se planteaba interrogantes por demás válidas y que además puedo suponer, son interrogantes que más de uno se está planteando en estos momentos. Es así como decidí que un […]