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Asni’s Art Blog: Apocalyptic Space Art

Space art may have started out as a visualization tool for astronomers and physicists, but the artists have turned the scientific concepts into a play with colours and form, which owes more to the abstract painters of the 20th century.

Featured Artist: Bob Bello

Introducing Bob Bello author, artist, and producer or radio and television plays, many of which have now been anthologised in his Starcall collection

IAAA Gallery: Distant Wonders by Joe Ramer, President of the IAAA

The President of the IAAA presents some of the organizations artwork, as well as some of his own, and explains how and why space art is so important to all of us.

IAAA Gallery: Steven Hobbs – Visual Explorer

Steven Hobbs encourages us to look to the skies.

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

The IAAA Visions of Mars Gallery

IAAA Gallery: Raymond Cassel – Digital Space Art

Space Art from the mind and hand of Raymond Cassel, space calendar cover artist!

IAAA Gallery: Marilynn Flynn – Aspirational Astronaut

The space art of Marilynn Flynn - one of the few earth-based artists to have her work flown in space.

IAAA Gallery: Chris Williams – Star Sculptor

Chris Williams has taken an unusual path to artistic expression:  he sculpts astronomical objects out of star stuff (our world and everything in it...

IAAA Gallery: Christopher Doll – Experience Designer

A newcomer to the Space Art community, Christopher Doll is combining his life-long love of Astronomy and Space Travel with the skills he learned...

IAAA Gallery: Mark A. Garlick – Cataclysmically Variable

Cataclysmic Binary stars (cataclysmic variables) are star systems in which a white dwarf star and a companion star are locked in a dance of...

Dan Durda of the IAAA

Dan Durda is a Renaissance Man.  Saying that invokes visions of the man as artist - painting, sculpture, close studies of perspective and perhaps...