Endings and Lengths

Turns out that there is no set length for a novel. There are conventions, which changed in the 1980’s, but with the advent of ebooks, they are changing yet again.

Review: The Eye with Which the Universe Beholds Itself by Ian Sales

While everyone is covering the Hugos, I’m taking my own path and following the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History, which will be awarded at this year’s Worldcon. In my effort to post a review of each work nominated this year on the Alternate History Weekly Update, author Ian Sales was gracious enough to send me […]

Spin by Nina Allan – review

Nina Allan’s Spin is the second in a new series of novellas published by the Third Alternative Press, home of leading UK genre magazines Interzone and Black Static. I should mention that the book was sent to me by the author because she liked my Amazing Stories review of her collection, Microcosmos, which you can […]