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AMAZING NEWS: 10-13-19

Unresponsive Police bots, space walking cosmonauts, Saturn ascendant, cheese is addictive and lots more

“Las dos caras de Ganímedes”: ciencia ficción didactista

A review of The Two Faces of Ganymede by Ecuadorian author Alicia Margoth Proaño Miranda

MOVIE REVIEW: Europa Report

A review of the shaky-cam SF space adventure Europa Report

IAAA Gallery: Steven Hobbs – Visual Explorer

Steven Hobbs encourages us to look to the skies.

IAAA Gallery: Marilynn Flynn – Aspirational Astronaut

The space art of Marilynn Flynn - one of the few earth-based artists to have her work flown in space.

Classic Science Fiction Science: Outland

The science fiction movie Outland has been described as a reimaging of the western classic High Noon set in space: The setting is Io, which...