AMAZING NEWS: 10-13-19


Court Says Websites Must Accomodate Disabilities

Dee O’Hara – Mercury Seven Nurse

People Vote, Land Doesn’t

Westchester New York Holocaust Memorial Desecrated on Yom Kippur

Educators Know Their Stuff – refuse to cooperate with ICE request for student records


Gernsback – Father of SF Fandom

Earworm Warning:  Read this and you won’t get the lyrics out of your head

Classics of Mad Science:  An anthology of prometheun horror

Blade Runner Flying Car Design

Pure Speculation:  70 Years After Trump

Crowd Funder?  Nigerian Astronaut Stuck in Space

Police Robot Won’t Call Police

What Ineffective Armor looks like on a guy


Professor Kevin J. Anderson is offering a course in publishng

RIP:  Maxime Faget, designer of the Mercury Capsule

The Lost History of Science Fiction (they found it written in alien hieroglyphics on the walls of an ancient, abandoned underground city on Rigel IV)

Lovecraftian Anthology Open for Submissions


RIP Alexei Leonov, Cosmonaut and Space Walker

Seas are Boiling with Released Methane (just as we were warned would happen:  this is a great accelerator for global warming)

This physicist says Warp Drive is still too slow for exploring the galaxy.  Dude – if you have warp speed, you are in space on a spaceship…who cares how fast you’re going?

Saturn to Jupiter:  Nyaaa Nyaaa:  I got more moons than you!

3.5 Million Years Ago, our ancestors witnessed an explosion in the core of our galaxy (no one noticed…)

Moe, Larry, Cheese!  Cheese activates the same brain centers as cocaine  (I think someone needs to talk to Steve about his abuse of Brie…)


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