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Vernor Vinge To Receive Lifetime Achievement Prometheus Award
Celebrate Jack Williamson’s 106th Birthday With Haffner Press


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Libertarian Futurist Society

For immediate release:

The Libertarian Futurist Society has chosen Vernor Vinge to receive a Special Prometheus Award in 2014 for lifetime achievement.

Vernor Vinge, only the second author in LFS history to receive a Special Prometheus Award for lifetime achievement, has received four previous Prometheus Awards.

Vinge has won twice in the best-novel category: in 1987 for Marooned in Realtime, and in 2000 for A Deepness in the Sky. In addition, two of his works have been inducted into the Prometheus Hall of Fame: “The Ungoverned” in 2004 and “True Names” in 2007.

The LFS will announce the time and location of the award ceremony in the near future. Also, Vinge will join other multiple Prometheus Award winners F. Paul Wilson and L. Neil Smith as guests of honor at the 50th anniversary of Marcon, Ohio’s oldest and largest sci-fi/fantasy convention – where the LFS’s second “LFScon” will take place as part of the program – over Mother’s Day weekend May 8-10, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Vinge has explored libertarian and anarchist themes in a wide variety of works:

* “True Names” (1981) explored themes that later became central to cyberpunk, in a story of an uneasy alliance between cyberspace outlaws and the United States government.

* The Realtime series, which included The Peace War (1984), “The Ungoverned,” and Marooned in Realtime (1987), portrayed a future where repressive political organizations struggle to subjugate or destroy advanced stateless societies.

* The Zones of Thought series, which included “The Blabber” (1988), A Fire upon the Deep (1992), A Deepness in the Sky, and The Children of the Sky (2011), envisions conflict on a galactic scale, contrasting positive-sum transactions based on voluntary cooperation with negative-sum transactions based on force, threats, and deception.

* Rainbows End (2006), a Prometheus finalist for Best Novel, envisions a near-future world imperiled by the invention of effective mind control biotechnology.

* One of his first stories, “Conquest by Default” (1968), portrayed an alien society where rigorously enforced antitrust laws made organized government impossible.

Vinge is one of the science fiction community’s leading creators of hard science fiction, based on rigorous exploration of speculative themes. The Zones of Thought series, in particular, vividly portrayed the mentalities of alien races such as the Spiders and the Tines. He is also considered one of the founders of the transhumanist movement, in his address “The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era” (1993).

Note: The first Special Prometheus Award for lifetime achievement was presented to Poul Anderson in 2001 at the first LFScon at Marcon.

For more information, contact LFS Board Chair Bill Stoddard at


** ALERT: New (old) Email Address **
We’re changing ISPs (AGAIN!!) Effective immediately, our e-address will be reverting back to remains the same
Happy 106th Birthday JACK WILLIAMSON! (b. April 29, 1908)
  We posted this to the Haffner Press Facebook page on April 29th, but we’re still recovering from recent travels as well as exhibiting at the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention, so please forgive the lateness of our sharing this info.Williamson                                                           Lectureship                                                           flyer  On April 2nd, at the 2014 Jack Williamson Lectureship, Eastern New Mexico University held readings from the fiction of Jack Williamson. To celebrate Jack Williamson’s 106th birthday, and to help spread the word about the work of this wonderful writer, Haffner Press is announcing its First. Ever. SALE!

Between now and May 9th, we are offering the following two books at 50% with FREE SHIPPING!!*  That’s $90 worth of books for $45.

50% off                                                           two Jack                                                           Williamson                                                           booksSEVENTY-FIVE: THE DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY OF A SCIENCE FICTION PIONEER (celebrating JW’s 75 years of publishing) and THE WORLDS OF JACK WILLIAMSON: A CENTENNIAL TRIBUTE (commemorating JW’s 100th birthday in 2008). Both volumes are over 600 pages each and contain an amazing selection of classic stories, modern tales, and together—eight NEW and previously unpublished stories (including a collaboration with Edmond Hamilton)!

Never to be repeated, this sale is a a great chance to get some great stories at a great price. Let us influence your buying decision with the following motivators:
• Reading Copy – treat yourself!
• Gift – treat one or more friends!
• Investment – have you seen out-of-print prices for Haffner Press titles?!?!?
• Library Donation – buy copies for your local libraries (might be tax-deductible), or have them contact us before May 9th and we’ll make sure they get in on the sale.

** Only want one of the two titles? No problem — the ordering links are set to offer the 50% discount on one or both books!

Meanwhile, these three Jack Williamson titles are in SHORT SUPPLY.  FYI, Jack Williamson was recently nominated for a 1939 Retro Hugo Award for BEST NOVEL of 1938 for THE LEGION OF TIME.  Outside of the original serialization in three issues of Astounding Stories, SPIDER ISLAND is the only place to read the original text of this ground-breaking adventure of multiple/possible time-streams.


Spider                                                           Island Williamson                                                           Lectureship                                                           Book In Memory                                                           of Wonders                                                           Child

*Free shipping via Media Mail in the Continental USA (AK, HI, and Int’l customers please contact us for shipping rates.

That’s it for now. To ensure that you continue to receive this newsletter, be sure to add and to your email reader’s “safe list.” And, remember, shipping is FREE in the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii and International orders should email us at for shipping rate quotes.



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