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Why Wonder Woman Works

Wonder Woman is the movie we - and the DC universe - needed.

MCM London Comic Con, May 2015

Where's Waldo? A pictorial coverage of the MCM London Comic Con

The Devil of Christmas is Making a Come Back? It’s Time...

Indiegogo campaign for truly insane gorefest

Lost Curiosities: The Romance of Radium

Pete Smith's 'filler' was nominated for an Academy Award and highlights the interesting and casual relationship the Curies brought to their research.

Crowd Funding Highlight: The Chosen Trilogy by Bret Kennedy

A DUK: Down Under Kickstarter campaign. Check out Bret Kennedy's project for the Chosen series.

I Just Can’t Stop Thinking About ‘Her’

James Weber can't stop thinking about HER. Who says the singularity can't be beautiful?

Thank You, Hayao Miyazaki

As we grow older, we are forced to accept the fact that those people who helped to form our childhood are also getting older. We are made to understand that being influential does not make one immortal, at least not in a literal sense. And so, thousands of people the world over are slowly coming to terms with the fact that Hayao Miyazaki is truly, truly retiring this time.

Stop the Remake Madness

Travis issues an impassioned plea to STOP THE MADNESS!

[Title Bump] What 2014 Has In Store

This past year has shown us quite a lot in the world of film. Audiences are beginning to finally understand that pricey CGI-driven action...

Streaming Genre Videos (Netflix)

Find your favorites from among Netflix's currently streaming science fiction, fantasy and horror offerings.

Articles populaires novembre 2013

Fabien Lyraud turns a French eye towards illuminating the best of November's content.

Movie Review — Is That What Scientology Does to Them?

After Earth - a sci fi film masquerading as a science fiction film

Film Review: The Colony

I wasn’t overly impressed with the film. I had expected a half-decent SF movie, and what I got was maybe a quarter decent.


Conduzco mi firma llamada GADGET EFECTOS ESPECIALES, donde día a día diseñamos y creamos efectos destinados a la industria audiovisual, ya sea cine, teatro, tv, publicidad, eventos…etc.

Noticias literatura y avance de cine 31-7

Se anuncia “Terra Nova 2” Tras el éxito de “Terra Nova”, se anuncia que el 21 de noviembre se publicará antología “Terra Nova 2”. En...

One Thousand Posts

Today Amazing Stories achieves a milestone in publishing its 1,000th post (and then some!) When this project first began - the resurrection of the world's...

Superheroine Movie

Imagine the teaser trailer. Peeks at the iconic costume, a villain’s growled one-liner, the title looming suddenly out of the darkness with THIS CHRISTMAS...

Another Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Ballot – A Sidewise View…

I kinda like the Best Dram Pres Long Form ballot this year. It's a varied one, has one fairly good-sized surprise, features some obvious...


Many reviewers have already pointed out the fact that director Joseph Koskinski's Oblivion borrows quite a bit from a number of earlier science fiction...

A Visit To A Cinema Pub

My family used the occasion of two close family birthdays as an excuse to visit a Cinema Pub.  I don't know how common such...

Christopher Nolan’s Inception as Shamanic Psychodrama

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing which films should be considered science fiction and which shouldn’t. He claimed comic book/superhero...

“I Like Science Fiction, It’s Got Like Giant Robots and Stuff,...

The only time the public pays attention to Science Fiction is when that great machine of mass marketing and “entertainment” called Hollywood inundates the...