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A Good Title

You can't judge a book by its cover, but the title, well, the title is a different story.

On Zero Drafts

Thoughts on gettting past an obsession with word count.

Noticias Literatura 11-4

Two new releases: The Star Wars Ideology and a doctoral thesis on Spanish Geek culture.

Noticias Literatura 14-3

miNatura announces the X International Fair of Poetry Fantastic miNatura 2018 (inlcuding rules); The Library of the Labyrinth announces an anthology of Juan García Atienza; the University of Madrid hosts a Lovecraft colloquim on March 16; the Bookstore En Portada Cómics presented "Gods, ghosts or demons" by Jesús Gordillo and a raffle for books is being conducted to promote the Ignotus Awards.

Noticias Literatura 7-3

Registration for participating in the Premios Ignotus award ends March 30th, and the launch of the History of science fiction in Spanish culture!

Noticias Literatura 27-12

A new incarnation of the fanzine Terbi, and interview with Nieves Delgado, author of "36" and the latest issue of miNatura Nº 158 Julio Verne Universe

On Young Adult

Young adult genre fiction can help teens negotiate the transition from youth to adult by dealing with the difficulties of life om a realistic, but positive way.

“Mickey Mouse a gogo”: del ser humano trascendental al clonado

Mickey Mouse a gogo is undoubtedly seminal: a work of science fiction theatre that opens up reflections and worries.

Les super héros français

A look at French superheroes, including one literary prototype that arguably initiated the genre.


An overview of the works of Bolivian speculative fiction author Gonzalo Montero Lara.

Noticias Literatura 30-8

The publication of YOSS' satirical novel Super Extra Grande, a call for a new anthology of speculative fiction, and more.

Portal Travel Trending

As conditions in the world appear to get more and more dire, portal fantasies become more and more inviting.


An overview of the theory and practice of Spanish language neo-indigenous science fiction.

Sound + Vision, Words + Pictures

For some artists, music spurs their creativity...