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Ebooks and more ebooks! Cheap and plentiful; Steve finds them for you! Oh, and Steve reviews two so-so "horror flicks" that should have been better. But that's what the film industry seems to be offering this week!

Novedades de Febrero en Hispanoamérica

Tanya profiles the latest spanish language happenings in genre - and announces a change to the ways in which she is presenting her findings.

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 2 Agents and Editors

How do you get anyone to look at your book? When I was an in-house editor, I was very aware that it was difficult to get anyone to read a submission from a member of the public. The reality is that most editors are extremely busy and continually up against time pressure.

Novedades de Noviembre en Latinoamérica

ARGENTINA “Legión”, la primera novela gráfica de Salvador Sanz ha sido reeditada por el sello OVNI Press. Según los expertos ésta es la obra más...

Novedades de Octubre en Hispanoamérica

October en espanol!

Cero Absoluto. Páginas del Género en Español 3: Alfa Eridiani

A profile of the influential Spanish SF magazine Alfa Eridiani

Grouchy Bestselling Authors Hamstring E-Book Market. In Other News, Dog Bites...

Bestselling mystery / thriller authors Keigo Higashino and Jiro Asada, with five other popular genre writers and mangaka, have been embroiled for the last three years in a complicated series of lawsuits against "jisui" scanning companies. These jisui companies operate custom digitalization services.

How Much Will They Pay? Pricing E-books for Fun and Profit

Since my first time up at bat I discussed how to know when you should self-publish, it is now time to answer the second...