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Genetic Breakthroughs—From Growing Livers and Brains to Editing Genes

There's a lot of promise for medical conditions with new gene therapies...but Dr. Moreau still lurks in the background of our thoughts.

Cyborgs on “Almost Human”

What story are the writers really trying to tell?

Article populaire octobre

Updates on past post for our French speaking friends.

DNA Tattoos = Dattoos

When I was coming up, the only people who got tattoos were bikers, prisoners, or gang members. Of course, times have changed. It seems everyone has a tattoo now. And even my 15-year-old daughter wants one (Me: “Uh, no.”) But…I almost have to say yes to a dattoo. What is a dattoo, you ask? Read on…

Amazing News Weekly

This week we offer you the first installment of a new weekly news feature.  But then, that's kind of obvious, isn't it? CONTEST Win a Signed...