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This week, Steve reviews two books: one hard SF, one pretty good zombie book. And wants to wish you all a belated Happy International Women’s Day!

CREATED: THE DESTROYER   (Book Series Review)

This week, Steve looks at the popular book series The Destroyer and their Film and TV counterparts. (Caution: this series is more violent than Game of Thrones!)

Scide Splitters: Working Stiff by Kevin J. Anderson

Scide Splitters reviews seven fun filled cases from the files of Dan Shamble, Zombie Private Investigator.

Underwhelmed By Interstellar

don't much care about the superhero films. I don't expect much from them, and was only disappointed by The Dark Knight Rises in that it wasn't as good as The Dark Knight. But Interstellar is disappointing in a very different way.

REVIEW: GALLOWWALKERS (2012) Not Worth Hanging Around For

No matter the speed, the fast-forward button can NOT make a bad movie better. Mr. Martin gets down-and-dirty with this review and even manages to find one nice thing to say.

Stephen King – A Beginner’s Guide

For a long time I paid no attention to the writing of Joyce Carol Oates. But I kept seeing her mentioned in the context...