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James Bond themes: love ‘em or not, they’re an indisputable part of a long-lived franchise. SF or not, who cares? Steve talks about his favourites.


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Steve's second Halloween column this month, in which he tries to do teeny-tiny reviews of 27 movies. Let us know if he succeeds or falls flat on his face.

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Popular posts range the gamut from book reviews to Youtube Channels, horror giants, Canadian awards, civil war alternate history and more

MOVIE REVIEW: FRANKENSTEIN (1931), Just in time for Halloween!

For Halloween, Steve looks at one of the oldest, and perhaps the best-known "monster movie" of them all, James Whale's "Frankenstein," starring Boris Karloff.

RIP Sir Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Lee 1922-2015

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HOW much horror should you depict and how much should you leave to the imagination? It is a dilemma that has confronted anyone who has...

Ghost Stories For Christmas: M. R. James

J. Simpson enlightens us regarding an old and odd British Christmas tradition - the telling of ghost stories,

Hot Enough For You? Science fiction, the Weather And Anarchy In...

In the UK, hot weather is so remarkable that we have even been known to make science fiction films about it.

Amicus Productions

For the past few weeks, we've been looking at the current state of the horror industry. Let's now turn back the clock, to find...

British Film Forever: Magic, Murder, & Monsters

First of all, let me apologize for my sporadic attendance, of late. Fear not, good reader, the forestpunk has not deserted you. I've been...