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Killer Asteroids: Can We Stop Them?

If a "nation killer" asteroid comes heading our way, Bruce Willis won't be able to save us.

Is Interstellar Too Loud?

I have read repeated complaints that Interstellar is too loud. Which makes as much sense as complaining that a record is too loud.

Expectations of Living in a Science Fiction World

Our imagined futures haven't happened. Yet.

Space Psychology, Future Shock, and Human Tenacity

In some ways, we're already preparing ourselves for living in the future.

Gravity and the Issue of Art vs. Science

I saw the visually stunning movie Gravity last week and overall enjoyed it very much.

Who Cares About the Science in Science Fiction?

I do! Let me introduce myself.  I'm an astronomer, a professor at the University of Wyoming, and a science fiction writer.  I've been blogging for...