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2019 LA Times Book Prize Winners

The Los Angeles Times has announced winners for their 40th annual Book Prizes.

Everywhere Book Fest

Online bookfest for kidlit

Gaiman and Jemisin in Conversation

Jemisin and Gaiman's presentation will be remote

Hachette Acquires Disney Titles

Anyone know of any stories where Mickey has an axe?

New Clarion West Scholarship for Native American Writers

Blue Corn Creations Underwrites a Native American Scholarship for Clarion West Workshop

China Science Fiction Research Institute

The China Science Fiction Research Institute aims to support "...the development of the sci-fi industry and related literary and artistic endeavours"

UCSC Living Writers Series Lineup

UC Santa Cruz announces its reading and lecture lineup

Newman GoH at StokerCon 2020

Kim Newman will be Writer Guest of Honour at Stokercon UK, to be held April 16-19, 2020 at the Royal and Grand Hotels in...