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Noticias Literatura 12-7

An overview of the rules of the 2017 Domingo Santos Award for short stories and the launch of "Ambition to the Light of the Moon" by Robert E. Howard.

Book Review: The Adventure of the Incognita Countess by Cynthia Ward

If you like steampunk adventure and vampire romances, then climb aboard for The Adventures of the Incognita Countess.

REVIEW—CONSTANTINE: A surprisingly good movie!

This week Steve drops back ten years to review an underapreciated movie, "Constantine," with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, telling us why he thinks the movie deserves another look.

On the Twilight of the Superheroes

Joshua speculates on the consequences of superheroes going out of copyright.

Scide Splitters: The Hogben Chronicles by Henry Kuttner

In the latest Scide Spitters series, David Kilman takes a look at the new collection, The Hogben Chronicles, with stories from Henry Kuttner and an introduction by Neil Gaimon.

The Dancers At the Edge of Chaos (Part 3)

Once more into the Multiverse, dear friends...,

Interview with Pat Mills, Founder of 2000AD

Over four decades Pat Mills has been a major force in keeping the British comics industry alive. I caught up with him to chat about the reappearance of one of his most enduringly popular characters, the Celtic barbarian, Sláine.

Halo Jones Interview with Ian Gibson

Before From Hell, before Watchmen, before The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, there was The Ballad of Halo Jones. Co-created by writer Alan Moore and artist Ian Gibson, Halo Jones was a...