Resident Evil: Should Be Evicted

New Netflix series proves, once again, making shows from video games doesn’t hardly ever work

Oh, I know.  There’s a huge fanbase and the number of games, films and tv shows, distributed on an international basis (the franchise originated as a game in Japan) would suggest that it has something going for it, but I have personally bounced off the game, the films and, now, the new Netflix television series.

This is going to be a short review because I only watched enough of the first episode on Netflix to know that I didn’t want to watch anymore of stupid survivors trying to survive facing stupid zombies.


If you are living in a zombie apocalypse, a nylon tent offers no protection.

If you are living in a zombie apocalypse, having safe areas you can run to which then immolate the zombies chasing you after you press a button and duck down to avoid the flames (run INTO a ring of fire?).

A giant zombie caterpillar erupts from the street and a squad of guys armed with semi-autos magically appears….

Yeah and a resounding NO!

In short:  this is a show where the writers say “you know what would be really cool?  A giant mutant monster that gets blown up!?”  and then they (sometimes) try to figure out how to stick that scene into the plot, ultimately deciding that things making sense doesn’t really matter in the face of the REALLY COOL EXTENDED SHOOTING SCENE.

If this is what the game(s) and film(s) has brought us to, I was right to stay away, and am right in continuing to stay away.

This seems to be nothing but an excuse for mass shootings and explosions.

I guess its true.  We still haven’t learned that we can’t really turn video games into movies or television shows.

I don’t expect this one to see a second season.

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