Genre Penetration of Streaming Services Report

Genre films and television shows are dominating the top of the lists this week!

A new week unveils the deepest genre penetration we have seen in weeks!  60% of the top ten streaming films are genre!  Perhaps more significantly, three of the top four are genre and four of the top five are genre offerings.  Film-wise, it is a good week to be a genre fan.

And things get even BETTER when it comes to television fare!  The top two streaming TV shows this past week were genre and the top pick was animated genre to boot!  Although total genre penetration of streaming television shows remains at its typical 40 percent (and you know we won’t be happy until it is all genre, all of the time!), it’s nice to know that there are still some things you can count on these days!

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  1. Top Gun isn’t streaming, AFAIK–it’s only in theatres. That calls into question the whole list, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Steve,

      it’s streaming on Parammount+ and AppleTV…it was on Netflix as well until very recently.

      Just Watch lists free and paid streaming content both.

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