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A Must-watch Show

Carol Shetler remembers how important Star Trek was to her family when she was growing up, and especially the effect that the show's strong female characters had on her.

Review: Adaline, by Denise Kawaii

A world and a boy named 1124562

Review: The Age of Blight, by Kristine Ong Muslim

A very enjoyable and original group of tales

Review: Forgotten by Samie Sands

A poignant portrayal of a land abandoned to gruesome death calls to mind the devastation caused by the Black Plague nearly seven hundred years ago.

Review: The Occasional Diamond Thief by J.A. McLachlan

The Occasional Diamond Thief is an enjoyably complex story

Review: Wrestling with Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen

Certain topics are never supposed to be discussed with strangers: religion and faith head the list. The featured authors in Wrestling with Gods:wave aside such strictures

Review: Red Girls by Kazuki Sakuraba

Red Girls is driven by supernatural events, precognition, and the fixations of its many strong women.

Review: Keepers of the Flame by Benjamin Cheah

Ecological disaster followed by plague require cybertechnology and a military solution

Review: The Manufacturer of Sorrow by Michelle Scalise

Macabre, erotic, fantastic poetry.

Review: RETRIBUTION by Mark Charan Newton

Mark Charan Newton, author of the Legends of the Red Sun fantasy quartet, continues a new series in Retribution, in which he skillfully melds...

Review: The Adventures of Siskin and Valderan by Alastair Savage

Savage draws the reader along on his heroes' fantastic missions through careful plotting and subtle foreshadowing, and entertains with original similes, such as: "Siskin was ... eating like a pelican gobbling in a pool of trout."

Book Review: The Necromancer Candle and Two Other Stories by Randy...

Multiple winner of Canada's Aurora Award, Randy McCharles presents three tales of dark fantasy in The Necromancer Candle and Two Other Stories.

Review: Lockdown by Samie Sands

Samie Sand's debut novel takes on zombie origins.

Review: The Shroud Eaters by Alyx J. Shaw

The Shroud Eaters by Alyx J. Shaw Paperback: 238 pages Publisher: Prizm (February 27, 2013) Paperback & Kindle Editions Alyx J. Shaw, author of the...