A Must-watch Show

Carol Shetler remembers how important Star Trek was to her family when she was growing up, and especially the effect that the show’s strong female characters had on her.

Review: RETRIBUTION by Mark Charan Newton

Mark Charan Newton, author of the Legends of the Red Sun fantasy quartet, continues a new series in Retribution, in which he skillfully melds ancient-world fantasy and highly realistic detective fiction. Newton follows up the first novel in this series, Drakenfeld, by sending the Sun Chamber officer Lucan Drakenfeld and his warrior sidekick, Leana, to […]

Review: The Shroud Eaters by Alyx J. Shaw

The Shroud Eaters by Alyx J. Shaw Paperback: 238 pages Publisher: Prizm (February 27, 2013) Paperback & Kindle Editions Alyx J. Shaw, author of the widely praised fantasy e-book trilogy, Strange Places in Time, turns her hand to a shudder-inducing tale of vampires and the undead in her e-novel, The Shroud Eaters. Deirdre of Leeds, […]