Like life, the news this week is all over the place, ranging from probes in interstellar space to Great White Liver pate and, yes, just about everything else in between!

Rudy Rucker sells his archives to UC Riverside Collection

Economic Picture that Fowler Shocken Associates would be hired to suppress

Jews & POCs in (fictional) Spaaaaace! Jim Ho of the FB Science Fiction group posted this one

Astronomers attempt to study Pluto’s atmosphere when it passes in front of a star

Doctorrobot shares this post about ten vintage robots

A Star Wars & High Crusade mashup in this clever image posted by Tomasz Kozuch (It’s actually a SW & The Holy Grail mashup. Just wanted to see who was paying attention.)

C.C. Finlay’s story Your Life Sentence getting a lot of attention in light of recent SCOTUS decisions (free fiction)

Nat Segaloff’s bio of Harlan Ellison -A Lit Fuse – has a second edition out, in E and print editions.  This was necessary so that additional “Harlan Stories”® could be included, including those involving your humble Amazing Stories publisher.  You can purchase your copy here.

Just shy of a million years ago, hominids used fire.  This new archaeological discovery increases the amount of time that it took our species to go from taming fire to domesticating it….

Joseph Zitt passes along this good advice for Iphone users

DragonCon is saved!  Allen Steele will be attending as a Guest!

Netflix’s The Boys Demonstrates that Right-Wingers are too ignorant to understand satire (show is losing audience share as right wingers realize they and their politics are being made fun of.  No, Homelander is NOT the good guy.  (Duh!)

“I thought I was a time traveler because I was on drugs”.  That pretty much sums up this whole story.

Voyagers won’t be completely shut down…yet

Stephen Haffner passes along this excellent political cartoon

Great White Shark liver, apparently very tasty, at least for Orcas

You might not have noticed that a Black Woman was appointed to the Supreme Court

Michael Kurland would like you to know that a new edition of Ten Little Wizards – a Lord Darcy novel – is coming soon

Hug Sunspot is concerning

Powell’s Books has a pillar signed by a bunch of visiting authors, according to David Agranoff

Among things folks are recommending people do in response to the recent SCOTUS ruling (and likely fallout) are updating the legal status of marriages that might be mooted

Ceres is on the move (well, it IS in an orbit!)

David Brin links to a meme about things we should fear

A new release from Jack Campbell is brought to our attention by Serge Broom

An “oral history” of the movie Contact

More Brin:  thoughts on AI & sapiency

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Amazing News

I was recently pointed to a new show on Geek & Sundry – but I ended up checking out the first episode of Space Janitors.  Very clever, very funny. David Brin mentioned this site – Creative Barcodes. It looks very interesting if you are a creative type.      

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