Hugo Awards Final Voting Closes in Two Weeks

Time to finish up your reads, listens and watches and get those final votes in.

MidAmeriCon II urges all eligible voters to finalize their ballots sooner rather than later to avoid server snafus.

Abigail Nussbaum relates concern over the lack of talk and supporting members hopping on board to foil puppy shenanigans.

Amazing Stories predicts that enough puppy nominees (those not protected by prior statements of disavowal) will win awards to keep the SS Hugo Misery afloat, or at the very least enough to serve as effective recruitment tools for puppydom.

This is not based on a careful analysis of voting patterns and statistical huggery-muggery, but on knowledge and experience of the fannish heart.  Fans find it very difficult to sustain interest in the face of negativity, largely preferring to declare their position once in a demonstrative way (as they did last year) and then trying to ignore things until they go away.  Puppies, unlike their real-life namesakes, will not be distracted by a squeaky-toy.  Rubbing their noses in the mess only served to teach them that they liked it.


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