AMAZING NEWS: 7/7/2024

Of Special Note

When you are considering greatly altering a cultural activity, reflect on the fact that at least one cultural ritual has been passed down for over 12,000 years.  


George Phillies shares the contents of the N3F Review of Books

David Gerrold discusses the handling of heroes and clay feet

Lynne Fahnestalk shares the cover she and Steve created for Canada’s On Spec anthology

David Brin announces the release of a Hardcover edition of an Uplift novel

Somtow Sucharitkul shares his latest release

David Langford’s Ansible July, 2024 issue

Kevin Standlee announces a viable bid for the next Westercon

Allen Steele story selected for The Year’s Top Hard Science Fiction Stories #8

Al Sirois urges you to contact your Supreme Court Justices

Scott Edelman offers up an interesting perspective on authors whose work was not included in the new version of The Last Dangerous Visions

Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki will be attending the Buffalo NASFiC as a virtual guest

Al Sirois talks about the final editing pass on the next installment of his Imhotep chronicles

Chris Barkley wants you to learn more about Project 2025


The First Fandom Foundation reports the passing of Pat Simms: 

Fan favorite Pat Sims, who served as secretary/treasurer for the Cincinnati Fantasy Group and later as VP of the Orlando Area Science Fiction Society, died June 9th at the age of 87. Pat was married to Roger Sims for fifty-eight years.  They were active in Detroit fandom for many years, then in Cincinnati. They later moved to Florida.  Roger and Pat were guests at many conventions over the years and were the Down Under Fan Fund delegates in 1995.

Dream Foundry’s latest newsletter mentions their 5th anniversary get-together, the Unconference gathering, Readercon, the Con or Bust project for Worldcon grants and more – sign up here.

Brisbane announces a bid for Worldcon 2028

Bob Hansen’s latest British SF Conventions Volume 2 is now available from Ansible


NASA Administrator discusses access to the samples returned by China’s Moon mission

That asteroid that just flew past Earth wasn’t alone


A unique find reveals a  dinosaur’s skin

Don’t step on THESE butterflies – they just flew 2,600 miles across the Atlantic

Cicadas are bad enough, but what about Zombie cicadas?

In Vino Dinosaurs?  The Dinosaur extinction may have given the grape a boost up the evolutionary ladder

Carpenter Ants Perform Surgery

Denisovan Lost Horizon:  This offshoot of humanity apparently  survived in the Himalays much longer than previously known


Yet more discussion and commentary on the release of  The Last Dangerous Visions and Harlan Ellison

Nnedi Okorafor shares a New York event covering the release of her latest – Death of the Author

DAW has put Christopher Ruocchio’s Empire of Silence on sale

Damien Walter wants you to watch Hippies With Guns

Social Commentary

Neil Gaiman, famed and beloved author, accused of sexual assault by two women

It is not a good idea to post bad reviews out of jealousy

Just For Fun

The real reason Frankenstein’s monster threw that little girl into the river


Fourth Case of Human Bird Flu Infection Reported …and we’re paying just as much attention to this as we did to Covid.  The virus has proven itself capable of cross-species transmission numerous times already, yet little to nothing effective is being done.  Fortunately for now, its curable in humans, with only mild symptoms, largely respiratory.  What are we waiting for, the virulent strain?

In the Future

Tomorrow – Royal Fortune is a Go by Douglas Kolacki  – Free Story
Excerpt From: The Gilgamesh Path by Michael Drakich

Tuesday – The Big Idea: Chaz Brenchley

Wednesday – Unexpected Questions with John Wiswell

Thursday – What Happened to the CHARIOT from Lost in Space?

Friday – Matt’s Reviews: Off The Main Sequence by Robert A. Heinlein

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