AMAZING NEWS: 10-18-20

Show them the historical documents:  Gary Farber directs us to the publication of the speeches that Donald Wollheim and John Michel (Michelism) would have delivered at the 1938 Newark convention – if the Concom hadn’t rejected them for presenting “…screw loose, scatter-brained, Wollheim-Michel ideas of forming a fine Federation of African Bush Savages, Chinese, Japs, Indians, Men from Venus…”

Some old Business:  a letter announcing the sale of Amazing Stories by Ziff-Davis to Ultimate Publishing, courtesy of Doug Ellis

Robert Sawyer interviewed about his latest novel = The Oppenheimer Alternative(which has been reviewed elsewhere on the site)

Lester Dent (Doc Savage) offers up the plot formula

Watch Blindsight, a fan production based on a Peter Watts story

50/50 on whether or not we’re all just simulants living in a simulated world (reading simulated scientists opining on our simulatedness)

Time’s controversial best 100 Fantasy books of all time

Apparently, the “Buck” didn’t stop back in 1981:  Plans for a Buck Rogers reboot

Rosemary Claire Smith (who has graced our magazine with her fiction) updates her Analog article about being a poll worker

Jones the cat and an Alien:  quite the uncredited piece of art (if you know who the artist is, please chime in)

Russian and Chinese space junk could collide and create a disaster in near Earth orbit (but it didn’t happen):  Speaking of Chinese stuff – how about those concentration camps, huh?

For book collectors everywhere:  this cartoon amply demonstrates the tensions between collecting and actually reading

When Hendrix asked “Are you experienced?, do you think he was talking about Science Fiction?

Introducing Yvette Kendall, science fiction content creator

Psychologists are evaluating Fannishness.  Don’t take the Palladine

J. Michael Straczynsky is the Executor for the Ellison estate (thank goodness!)

David A. Hardy, space art guru, covers Monty Python’s Meaning of Life

Disney’s Mea Culpas take the form of content warnings (I honestly don’t think the Siamese cats from the Aristrocats qualifies here. Yes, they’re racist depictions…but they’re Cats! They didn’t mean anything by it other than being cat-jerks, and we always excuse cat-jerkiness because – Cats.)

Italian Politician calls Halloween a “stupid Americanism“.  I’d like to hear what he has to say about the war on Christmas….

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