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Using Blind Auditions To Combat Discrimination (From Radish Reviews)

Best Analysis of Gamergate to Date (Radish Reviews)

Humorous Response to GG (Not that there is really anything funny about this at all) (From Radish Reviews)

Polygon’s Editor Responds to Gamergate (From Radish Reviews)

When Women Stopped Coding

If you’re going to be an internet asshole, learn how to do it right:  Scalzi offers sensible boycotting suggestions

Welcome to the ‘free’ country of Reagan:  southern states urged to secede because gay NFL players are just way too scary 

More of the same, but less secessiony

That’s Not A ‘Doll’, That’s An Action Hero!  Now, in addition to everything else (getting womenz, gays, unmnetionable trans-folks, non-whites, muslims &c OUT of popular culture), it’s no longer ok to play with toys.  You know what?  I’m going to say it right here, right now:  if more people could take themselves less seriously, could sit down, engage in a little imagination and play;  if folks were able to relax in their chosen way without being subjected to ridicule and judgment, the world would be a far finer place to live in.  Instead of arguing over what game to play, “adults” argue over which country to invade, what minority to disenfranchise.  Ask me again who the adults in the room are….

The Person Who Drove Through 10 Commandments Sculpture Says “Devil Made Him Do It” (that’s just rich!)


Firefly Online

Ursula Le Guin Won’t Be Blurbing for Aldiss

Stephen Haffner Celebrates Edmond Hamilton’s 110th Birthday

Geek Theatre Anthology

Buckminster Fuller Really Wanted To Put A Dome Over Manhattan

More Cosplay at London CC

Dresden Files

Jamie Anderson working on bringing back Marionation!

The New Yorker on Canticle

Rick Grimes is NOT Still in a Coma (Srsly?  THIS gets mainstream attention?)


Duncan Long – Amazing’s Art Director, Had His Art Lifted Without Permission by the Canadian Terrorist That Ran Down Soldiers (Story);  the artwork on the terrorist’s page –doors

Small world, huh?

Paul Krugman (Asimov Fan) on Amazon:  It’s not ok

Amazon Stock Tanks (I Don’t think Krugman’s essay is responsible)

Why It Matters (Women in the industry)

Writing Course Are Killing Writing

List of Book Promotion Sites (Note:  List is itself a promo for a book….)


SpsceX Cargo Ship Splashes Down

An Excellent Examination of the Fermi Paradox

3D Map of the Hidden Universe

Ebola:  Take a Look at how it works

Defending Science (How did we get to a place that requires the defense of science?)

Another Person Jumps From Near Space



20th of October 2014


The machine that controlled all life wouldn’t tolerate any interference. People who refused to be regulated had to be disposed of – isolated, driven insane, murdered. A small group of men had dedicated themselves to fighting this Frankenstein of man’s technological achievement. Secretly they laid plans to… read more  






Hi ,

Not only do I enjoy hikes out in the Colorado wilderness, but (as I’m sure you know by now) that’s where I get most of my writing done, dictating new stories as I work my way along mountain trails. Snow came early to the high country this year—mid-September! Fortunately, after a few clear, warm days in a row, I did manage to squeeze in one last mountain hike, climbing three 13,000 ft peaks in a day while writing chapters in a new book, Clockwork Lives.


Still fascinated with our steampunk fantasy world introduced in the Clockwork Angels novel, album, and comics, Neil Peart and I are writing Clockwork Lives (as in plural of “life”), a sequel of sorts. We’re about halfway finished with the draft, and loving it. The sixth issue of the Clockwork Angels comics will be out soon.

Series Updates

Right now, I’m in the Seattle area on a multi-day brainstorming session with Brian Herbert for Navigators of Dune, which will wrap up our epic trilogy that began with Sisterhood of Dune and Mentats of Dune.

My test readers have gone over the 700-page manuscript for Blood of the Cosmos, Book 2 in The Saga of Shadows (after The Dark Between the Stars), and now I’m doing my revisions and additions. It’s hard to juggle universes in my head!


The changing weather reminds me that it’s almost November— National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, when many of you buckle down and write the first draft of a novel in a month. I usually post inspirational blogs and writing advice, but this time I have something even more useful to suggest: the Nanowrimo Writing Tools Bundle from Twelve writing books on craft, business, and productivity from a host of bestselling writers such as David Farland, Michael A. Stackpole, Brandon Sanderson, Chuck Wendig, Steven L. Sears, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Jessica Brawner, and me and Rebecca.  Name your own price and get all 12 books for as little as $15 (or more if you feel generous). A portion of the money goes to charity, while the rest goes directly to the authors. This deal is available worldwide.

If you prefer to read creepy stories on those chilly autumn nights leading up to Halloween, I also curated an Urban Fantasy Bundle with ten spooky books for as little as $14. This includes some cool exclusives, including Working Stiff, a never-before-released collection of cases about Dan Shamble, Zombie PI.Working Stiff won’t be out for regular purchase until 2015. Jim Butcher provided a new Dresden Files book, Working for Bigfoot(available only in this bundle). Vicki Pettersson has a new Signs of the Zodiac novella The Reordering,also available only in this bundle. Other authors include David Farland, Michael A. Stackpole, Elizabeth Bear, P.N. Elrod, Carole Nelson Douglas, Rhiannon Paille, and Peter J. Wacks.

As the weather gets colder, hiking season may be over, but it’s still writing season. It’s always writing season. Time to get out the snowshoes.

Until next time, keep reading!


P.S. Rebecca got a glowing report from her doctor at her six-month post-surgical checkup today. She’s cleared to travel and exercise normally, except for high-impact activities. She assures me she can live without doing jumping jacks.…

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To all fans of The Game of Thrones (@GrahamThrones) I present what must be The Perfect Bog Literature: GRAHAM OF THRONES – A Parody. This epic tale of sex, dragons and toilets is published in readiness forWorld Toilet Day on 19th November.

Written by the creators of Fifty SHEDS of Greythe parody that at one point outsold its muse – this book follows water-based mechanic Graham R R Stark on hilarious quest to find the Iron Throne encountering all manner of frightening challenges along the way:

‘I screamed in agony as the heat stung my naked flesh, ‘How many times have I told you not to flush the toilet when I’m in the shower?

‘I stared at the hellish scene – an orgy of lust amid the carnage of lifeless bodies. Never again would I use an Essex nightclub toilet’

‘I was horrified that one woman’s decision could lead to such an appalling, violent clash. A salmon-pink toilet with an avocado hand basin’

Please do let me know if you’d like to see a copy for review or extract. Graham is also available for ‘mock’ interview.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Helen Mockridge

Senior Publicity Manager, Simon & Schuster UK

T: 020 7316 1988 M: 07966326988

1st Floor, 222 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8HB

@simonschusterPR @simonschusterUK @schustersport

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