Fireball XL-5 Hooks up with Star Fleet

February’s Ansible

Future plans for space stations

Ron Miller shares his cover for the latest issue of Scientific American

Author Brenda Clough discusses Tentacles at the Book View Cafe  (every week Amazing Stories features a reading from the Book View Cafe)

Industrial SF’s 1.1 Billion Dollar Deal

Important Announcement from the Worldcon Intellectual Property’s Mark Protection Committee

Glasgow (2024 Worldcon) commits to Hugo voting transparency

EPH May Have Helped But Not Necessarily In the Way Intended

Publisher’s Weekly Weighs in on Worldcon

Hugo Voting Stats Comparison

More voting statistics analysis

On the heels of the World Science Fiction Convention – the World Science Fiction Conference

More of the same

Understanding the above:  Tianwen Decoded

It’s not just Science Fiction:  China has plans for the METAVERSE

A DIFFERENT Science Fiction clash between the west and China

FenCon is just a few weeks away!

Donald F. Glut goes bananas for Gorillas

Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan) says backlash from prequels was tough to handle

If you like Galaxies, WEBB is the space telescope for you!

New Releases:  Latest issue of Clarke’s World magazine now available

James Palmer announces his guest appearance at ConCarolinas

PROOF!: ST: TOS/TAS = Star Trek.  ST: TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT/DSC/PIC/LD/PRO/SNW = Star Trek “like”

AI Election Interference is ALREADY Here

Not to be outdone by younger brother WEBB, Hubble detects water in exoplanet’s atmosphere

Not to be outdone by Scientific American, Astronomicon announces Ron Miller as Artist GoH

New discovery suggests Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens lived side-by-side

Octothorpe Podcast covers the Hugos

The Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction volume 2 eligible for several awards

Official Archaeological Term:  “Gobsmacked”.  Oldest tree (with crown) discovered

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