AMAZING NEWS: 2/25/24 Pre Extra Day Edition

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2024 is a Leap Year, which means we all get an extra day.  Please use it wisely, as there won’t be another one for four more years.

Amazing People News (A round-up of gathered news featuring individuals who have an association with Amazing Stories.)  (If you are associated with Amazing Stories, please feel free to forward us your announcements, appearances, activities and accomplishments for inclusion here.  You know if you are associated…)

F. J. Bergman has been named SFPA’s Grandmaster – congrats!

Collateral:  Naturally, if the Hugos are experiencing controversy, it must be John Scalzi’s fault.

Richard Graeme Cameron reminds us that voting for the 2023 FAAN Awards concluded last night, at Midnight Pacific Time.

Al Sirois announces the publication of a short story in the latest issue of Black Cat Magazine

Darrell Schweitzer offers some history on a book from Fantastic Books (another friend) featuring Tom Purdon

John O’Neill of Black Gate magazine shares this article about author Sean Stewart – now working on an AI project

Paul Weimer shares more  Hugos discussion on Birds of a Feather 

David Agranoff reviews Norman Spinrad’s Riding the Torch

Michael Burstein’s Jewish Futures 2 is now accepting submissions

Camestros Felapton commenting on the Hugos has a three-parter, and a blog post titled “!!!!!!!!!!!!” (! – here’s one more for a baker’s dozen)

Cora Buhlert was a little less cryptic:  Hugo Nomination Scandal Gets Worse

Via File 770: Ersatz Culture discusses Chinese business interference in the Hugo Awards 

Gary Farber shares an NYT (gift) article about “zines”, and how they started in the 60s…

Rosemary Claire Smith is a finalist in the latest AnLab Awards

The third volume of Futures Past Visual History of the genre can now be ordered

(The Rest) of AMAZING NEWS

Nnedi Okorafor spoke in a talk at Harvard Radcliff

Now we know why some folks go into acting:  Bridget Mendler, former Disney star, announces space comm startup

Space Junk!  (Devo performed this one in 1976!  Space Junk.)

A “Soda” lake in Canada could be replicating the conditions that led to the formation of life

For Black History Month:  Space Race, a story of almost the first black astronaut

What will it be like to live in a Mars habitat for a year?  This astronaut lets you know.

Samantha Mills discusses how it feels to have won a Hugo Award this past year

Was DUNE Plagiarized?  And more. Some very curious similarities have been unearthed from a book titled The Sabre of Paradise

More Hugos 2023 Discussion

aaand The New Scientist weighs in with its own take on the Hugos

GUFF Fan Fund is now open for nominations

Kevin Drum thinks that social media ate the Hugos

Delta Airlines is offering a special Eclipse flight

Hugo Controversy Crap getting to be too much?  Check out these photos of 3D recreations of some scenes from Star Trek: TOS

Ada Palmer opines on censorship:  Most of it is self-censorship

Imaginary Papers reviews Oppenheimer and Interstellar

NPR covers the Hugos



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