AMAZING NEWS: 10-29-2017


Sexual Harassment Roundup (so many are being accused by so many):  Game Forum FounderCos-Play PhotographerFashion PhotographerCelebrity ChefFormer US PresidentMore of the sameVeteran JournalistNot Just Women Making AccusationsMovie DirectorShow CreatorActorStudio HeadEditorial DirectorWeinstein

A Visit With Four Trump Refugees

Marijuana Legalization Very Popular

NAACP Says Flying American Airlines is “risky”

A Deep Dive into the Basic Income Concept (it’s not a left or right thing…) and an accompanying short story contest


A Boomer’s Star Trek Story

Feminism, Science Style

Common Fear:  What People Are Most Afraid of, by State

Marvel Visits Riverdale

London Zombie March

Godzilla, Planet of the Monsters

New Age Ragnarok

Cyborg Justice League Promo

Stranger Things, Season 2 The Hunt for Eleven (hint:  comes after 10)

Netflix November Lineup

Discovery Renewed

Aquaman Wrap

…and Venom Begins Filming

Recommended Supplies for Binge Watching

Documentary on Anderson’s UFO

Well, Their Opinion of Star Trek Discovery is Pretty Clear

Fans Are Already Calling for a The Orville Season Two

No One Says “Stranger Things” Than Donald Trump

Fan Service:  The Incredible Hulk


New TAFF Campaign

New Release Weston’s Hell Hounds

Genre Talk with Elizabeth Noble & Mark Wildyr

Making the Case for Lucien

RIP Astronaut Paul Weitz

RIP Joseph Schmitt:  NASA Technician

New York Review of Science Fiction Readings Features Kris Dikeman & S. A. Chakraborty

Pegasus Awards

Youtube SF Series – Origin

Art of the Pulps Making Records

Computer Science Group at Dartmouth College Creates Spec Fic Award


Doesn’t Believe in Climate Science…No Scientific Background…He’d Be PERFECT! to Head Up NASA

deGrasse Tyson on Fire!

Octopus Better Than Most People

I am NOT a Wirehead!

Space Station Crew Taking a World Tour

Raccoons Outwit Intelligence Test

Tiangong-1 Will Be Returning Soon

Animal Tool Use Charts (You’ve probably no idea of the extent to which such a wide range of species utilize tools)

Curiosity Still Drillin!

Nice “Nearest Stars” Graphic

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