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R. L. Stine (Goosebumps) shares his favorite horrors

Biden Administration issues Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

 International News Covers Chengdu’s SF Museum

First Novel wins World Fantasy Award

Rich Horton comments on WFC Wins

Non-SF News:  US Senator Rosen Discusses Trip to Israel and Hamas Atrocities That Israel Didn’t Show (quite horrific; caution for viewers)

How the Dinosaur Killing Asteroid REALLY Killed the Dinosaur

Artist Reveals One Way to Turn a Bad Book Into A Good One

Entire Florida Town  “Talks to the Dead”

Solar Maximum Will Be Early This Year

The Latest in the On-Going Battle Between an Award Winning Director and Super Hero ‘Games’

Robert Koenn shares some of his Halloween models work

An Interesting Discussion of AI, by an AI Researcher

Mysterious ‘Blobs’ May be remnant of Earth’s Collision with Planet that Became the Moon (no, not the Blob of movie fame)

NASA’s Lucy Discovers Twin Asteroid

Forget the Meg, meet the Mososaur

Prehistoric Mammals Hunted Dinosaurs, revealed by stunning  fossil

Allen Steele Interview

Taral Wayne Shares Sketched of “Fan Types” at Conventions (See if you recognize any) More

Ryk Spoor announces two new releases

Chinese Blogger Builds Miniature Cat House (for cats)

YouTube Video Spotlights Captain Future (but both Allen Steele and I want you to know it is not entirely accurate.  You can eventually learn the true history of Captain Future on his very own – soon to be completely active – website)

Tananarive Due wins WFC Award and Steven Barnes is Happy

Mark R. Kelly announces participation in Westfahl project – A New Sense of Wonder: Re-Defining Science Fiction in the Twenty-First Century (we’re big fans of Gary Westfahl here at Amazing Stories)

Al Sirois highlights Brooklynn Public Library Program that helps students obtain banned books: “Brooklyn Public Library joins those fighting for the rights of teens nationwide to read what they like, discover themselves, and form their own opinions. Inspired by the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read Statement, BPL’s Books Unbanned initiative is a response to an increasingly coordinated and effective effort to remove books tackling a wide range of topics from library shelves.”  and  ”

National Teen BPL eCard

We invite individuals ages 13-21 to apply for a free BPL eCard, providing access to our full eBook collection as well as our learning databases. To apply, email

BPL’s eCard is always free to teenagers in New York State. Apply here.”

Gary McGrath has some harsh things to say about Robert Sawyer’s GoH speech at Chengdu: “Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer has been the least controversial of the Chengdu Worldcon’s three Guests of Honor. He’s Canadian and isn’t under the same pressures or motivations as Chinese author Cixin Liu and Russian Sergei Lukianenko. However, he’s shown that just a guest spot and airfare are enough to buy off any principles he might have had.”

Meteor Contains Two Unearthly Minerals (maybe more)

Chuck Gannon announces two new releases

Michaelangelos “Secret Room” unveiled to the public

This seems to always be the case:  Scientists say Earth is Warming Faster than Predicted

Is there a “crises” at the MCU?

Leigh Edmonds shares some pics of an awesome Australian Fanzine Collection

New AI-The Beatles song 

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Today’s Featured Image is a screen capture of model work by Robert Koenn.

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