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Graphic novels can be a tricky beast to review. While some are dialogue and exposition heavy, reading like a novel with pictures, others rely more on visual storytelling. This means you can sweep over a number of pages in seconds as you take in the sequence of events, but ultimately there is not as much story there to review as you first expected.

This is one of those times, so I’ll be reviewing the first two books in this series, The Stonekeeper and The Stonekeeper’s Curse, just so I have more material to work with.

Amulet is a nine part graphic novel series written and drawn by Kazu Kibuishi. I always envy writers who can draw (or artists who can write). It feels like they can convey more of their vision than either a writer or artist can on their own.

The story starts off with young Emily Hayes involved in an accident that leads to the tragic death of her father. Two years later, she, her mother, and her brother all move into her great-grandfather’s house, Silas Charnon, and it soon becomes evident that her great-grandfather was no ordinary man. Strange forces lurk in the shadows, as Emily discovers an amulet hidden in the study, and activated by her blood.

After that, things get weird.

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