Spaceships from the Covers of the V1N1 Collection

I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the “evolution of the depiction of spaceships” on the covers of SF magazines (that are in the collection).

I think Spaceships, Planets, BEMs and Women in Non-Working Spacesuits are probably the four commonest subjects, though I really have no idea which of those four is the most prominent.  In future I may compile some images to represent those other subjects.

For now – depictions of “pulp” magazine spaceships, from 1929 to the present.  Some are here just to look at, others have comments in the captions.  Enjoy!

Sadly, this magazine issue is neither a V1N1 issue, nor in my collection., Image from

And here is an image of the very first spaceship to appear on the cover of an SF magazine – by Frank R. Paul – the cover of the October, 1926 issue of Amazing Stories, illustrating A. Hyatt Verrill’s story Beyond the Pole.

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