CONTRARY BRIN: Prepper-Lords intend to leave us in the lurch… then dominate the wasteland aftermath. Worse – they want it!

In fact, far greater fractions of today’s world oligarchy are old money inheritance brats, or hedge parasites, or casino mafiosi, petro-princes and the like – elites who are all considerably more discreet and secretive than the tech-bros. Elites who are far more engaged in a planetary oligarchic putsch, aimed at stifling the Enlightenment Experiment that gave them everything, but that stymies their core, masturbatory fetish – restoring 6000 years of lobotomized feudalism.

Despite that difference in specific diagnosis, Rushkoff and I agree that this trend bodes ill for us all.  In Earth I portray a somewhat better future in which this kind of delusional solipsism, by would-be struldbrug lords, was stymied by a “Helvetian War,” that rendered the Glarus Alps into slag, but finally gave-over to the world the bank records. Who owns what.

(Universal ownership transparency would not only bring justice and erase national debts, everywhere. It would also truly empower Adam Smith’s promise – the version of market enterprise that’s flat, creatively competitive and fair.)

Alas, given the Swiss bunker mentality that we see in that Oppidum web site, it seems something like that scenario in EARTH may prove necessary.

Of course, the problem is not with wealth in itself, but human nature.  A tendency by elite humans in all generations… especially males… to attribute their high status to inherent superiority, and thus to surround themselves with sycophant flatterers who benefit by reinforcing those delusions.

Key to this is the psychotic, oligarch-funded, all-out propaganda war against nerds – against all fact-using professions. The quarter of a billion humans who today actually keep things running. We who keep the lords safe and healthy. Who gave them everything they have…

…but who are also the principal force standing in their way of restored feudalism.

This campaign to discredit nerdy fact-folks extends beyond science, medicine, teaching, journalism, law and civil service. It now even includes hate campaigns against the intel/FBI/military officer corps who won the Cold War and the War on Terror…

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