AMAZING NEWS: September (!) 3rd, Twenty-Twenty Three

The new phonebook Calendar is HERE!  The new phonebook Calendar is HERE!  Robots are finally SOMEbody!  Lynne Fahnestalk’s annual Rivet of Robots  Calendar is now available to order.  (Lynne constructs individual robots out of found materials. Pretty. Darned. Cool.)

WorldCon Reminisces:  Numerous Fans and Fan outlets are sharing pics, rememberances and photos of Worldcons past (many 50 year anniversaries of 1st Worldcons! – my own arrives in 2027):  Here’s one such

Original Winnie the Pooh sketch found and up for auction

Russian Moon Lander’s Last Known Location – a crater on the Moon

A Wrinkle in Time cover artist mystery solved!

I will be appearing (virtually) at Albacon this coming weekend on five panels

Betsy Wollheim likes this article on SF before Science

Thermal imaging drones reveal that we are “cooking our cities”

Just like people, AI programs sling the bullshit (It can be dangerous, like a recent finding edible mushrooms ebook, based entirely on made-up crappola)

What will they think of next?  On-Call Drone Toilets.  Yes, seriously.  Flying Port-a-Johns.

Glasgow 2024 Progress Report #2 now downloadable

A comprehensive map of anti-LGBTQI Laws around the world and Future US Worldcon Bidders, keep in mind that Canada has begun issuing travel advisories to its LGBTQI citizens about traveling to the US

SMOF News Volume 2, Issue 52, has been released

Skincare for Astronauts

Hackers find a way to make AI programs misbehave – and there doesn’t seem to be a fix, yet

Y Chromosome now fully mapped

Unraveling the confusing Star Wars timeline (of course, all you really need to know is, it all took place – “A long time ago…”)

Zero G News (in Chinese) has apparently put together a round-up of articles detailing the state of SF in different countries/regions of the world.  I’ve asked for links to English translation and will post them here if/when I get them.

Paul Levinson has been nominated for a Sideways Award

DAW announces Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 releases

Sarah Silverman (author, comedian) states in a lawsuit that all (ALL) of ChatGPT output is a “derivative work”

Ansible 434 now available

Heinlein Blood Drive celebrates 20th anniversary at Dragoncon

Boy.  Spend more than fifty years on this planet and EVERYTHING changes:  case in point – support for the Big Bang Theory is beginning to unravel in the face of new observations

Michael Swanwick announced the release of Being Michael Swanwick, by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

And, if you still conflate UFOs with Science Fiction, here’s a link to the Defense Departments’ new website, where you can learn that, since the 1950s – not a single report, picture, sound, depressions in the ground, video, radar blip, nor physical deposit of unknown composition, has resulted in the identification of a vehicle of any kind from an alien civilization, nor Nazis hiding in the hollow earth, nor lizard people secretly controlling the world – not even super-secret Chinese advanced aircraft or drones. (I really shoulda stuck “Mini-Editorial” in front of that!)  Nor will they ever be.
Note:  Our feature image today is a screen capture from Plan 9 From Outer Space (soon to be an opera by Somtow Sucharitkul);  good prints of the movie itself amusingly reveal the strings attached to the saucers.


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