More evidence for the clandestine take-over of our species by robot overlords:  too much exposure to screens can delay early development

Daniel Keys Moran takes a look at AI

Images from India’s successful Moon shot, from during its approach

Neptune’s Clouds are MISSING!

Nessie fans have a gathering

Leigh Edmonds announces completion of first draft of Australian Fandom History

Supersonic flights just got closer

 Japan will soon launch a Lunar lander and rover of its own

Tarot Creator’s history almost erased

More Neptune News:  Now it has dark spots

India’s Rover takes first steps (rolls?)

SpaceX launches international crew to ISS

MIT will be publishing LEM

Court finds against Internet Archive

Lou Berger sells another story

Camestros Felapton on F&SF’s recent story acceptance

CJ Cherryh shares a pic from Japan’s Moon lander

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