CONTRARY BRIN: Biotech, bioscience & human origins

I’ve been swampd with interviews on Artificial Intelligence and writing missives to try (in expected futility) shining some light amid the shrill, panicky harrangues out there. Few seem to grasp that we’ve created a vast, new ecosystem – akin to Earth’s primordial soup – into which these AI systems are flooding, just like invasive species.

I’ll be back to let you know more. Meanwhile, let’s talk about the older Earthly ecosystem.

First: apropos of this topic… It’s 50,000 BC. Where are your children? Discover Tribes, the underground game favorite that thrilled players for years! Now updated by Steve Jackson and author David Brin, Tribes blurs the line between roleplaying and board games. Journey to the Stone Age with Tribes!

The game is IDEAL for a college or HS anthropology or history class to get a feel for how we – and so many familiar human patterns – came about. It’s a VERY social game, best run with 6+ players with generous time allowed.

We’re running a Kickstarter for the new, boxed version. I’ll add signed bookplates and books to the rewards.

Now. Returning to science – recent updates and new insights into human origins…

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