An Open Letter to the 2023 Hugo Finalists, Whoever They May Be

This is an updated repost of this post from 2021 and this one from last year, which a lot of people found helpful.

ETA: This post is now also available in Chinese on Weibo, thanks to MrOctopus233.

Nominations for the 2023 Hugo Awards closed yesterday and the finalists are expected to be announced sometime in May.

Right now, no one except for possibly the Hugo administrators knows who those finalists will be. And yes, I deliberately posted this so shortly after the Hugo nominations closed that the e-mails won’t have gone out yet and no one know who the finalists are.

However, sometime in the next two weeks or so, some of you will receive an e-mail from the Chengdu Worldcon, informing you that you are a finalist for the 2023 Hugo Award and asking you whether you want to accept the nomination. Some of you will have received such e-mails before, for others it will be the first time.

But whether it’s your first or your twentieth nomination, congratulations! That’s awesome…

Read on at: An Open Letter to the 2023 Hugo Finalists, Whoever They May Be

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