TINY TIME MACHINE 2 Just Published

Amazing Stories has just published TINY TIME MACHINE 2: RETURN OF THE FATHER.

Josh and Meg and the Tiny Time Machine are back in a brand new book! And this time it’s personal. They will travel to the past to save Meg’s father or die trying. A new adventure from Amazing Stories.

In Tiny Time Machine 1, Meg and Josh, two loners on the run from the cops, discovered a time machine built into a cellphone and used it to avert a disastrous future. But along the way, Meg’s father, the inventor, was killed.

Now, Meg and Josh are back in a second stand-alone adventure. Their challenge: to decipher Meg’s father’s cryptic notes and enhance the time machine, so it can not only visit their future but also open the door to their past.

But even as they race to get far enough into the past to save dad, they must battle dad’s ex-partner, who will do anything to snatch the tiny time machine back from them. And as if that’s not enough, a powerful billionaire and his daughter may be allies–or not.

TTM2 revisits the characters and time machine introduced in TTM1. Like TTM1, this is also a stand-alone adventure, one that can be enjoyed without having read TTM1. But why not double your fun and try both?

Source: TINY TIME MACHINE 2 Just Published

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