An interview with science fiction author and musician John Shirley

We talk with author and musician John Shirley about his wide-ranging work from his early bands and recordings in the 1980s to his latest book releases.

“John Shirley has authored dozens of novels, including Demons, Crawlers, Wetbones, Cellars, A Sorcerer in Atlantis, the A Song Called Youth cyberpunk trilogy City Come A-Walkin’, Bioshock: Rapture, and The Other End. His story collections include Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side,_ which won the Bram Stoker Award. His newest novels are Stormland are from Blackstone Books and Axle Bust Creek from Pinnacle…His first collection of poems, The Voice of the Burning House has recently been published by Jackanapes Press (rhyming poetry in the Weird Poetry manner). His unique story collection, Really Really Really Really Weird Stories has just been reissued, re-edited and with four new stories added.

He is co-screenwriter of The Crow and wrote for Deep Space Nine and other shows. He writes lyrics for the Blue Oyster Cult and others. He has also written animation scripts.

Other projects include his recordings with prog rock composer Jerry King, eg Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery and Escape from Gravity.”

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