The Big Idea: James L. Cambias

One advantage writers get when they work in different fields of writing is more tools for their professional toolbox — but as James L. Cambias points out in this Big Idea for The Scarab Mission, not every skill is directly transferable from one medium to the next, and learning which tools this is true about is part of the trick.


My standard bio identifies me as a “writer and game designer.” Some might wonder why. It’s been nearly seven years since my last major game product came out (Weird War I from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, if you’re a completist), while in that time I’ve published four novels and a couple of short stories. Oh, sure, I have put up a couple of little self-published game products on DriveThru RPG, but when I go to my office or the nearest coffee shop to “get some writing done,” it’s fiction I’m pretending to work on, not games…

Source: The Big Idea: James L. Cambias

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