The News Stand Ninety Years Ago Today (October 2023)

I’ve made a couple of changes to the presentation of these galleries.

Despite the additional images required, I will now display the magazine issue that would be removed from the stands at the beginning of the month (or sometime within the first two weeks of the month), as well as the issue of that magazine that would be replacing it.

This way, you can see the issue that you missed, if you failed to visit the news stand at the proper time, as well as the new wonderfulness that would greet you.

I’ve done this for two reasons:  magazine distribution and cover dates seem to confuse a lot of people  (somewhat justifiably so) and, I’d not have had a chance to display the “Bat Girl” cover for Weird Tales, one of that magazine’s most iconic images.  (Depending on location and the stand’s management policy, you might see either or both of the issues displayed…and maybe even earlier issues.)

Of note this month is the resumption of Amazing Stories Quarterly (generally a reprint title), following a hiatus – the magazine’s scheduled had begun to get spotty during 1932 and, in fact, only one more issue would appear until a resumption of the title some 6 years later.

Also missing is Wonder Stories Quarterly.  Its last issue appeared earlier in the year.

Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror also saw its final issue earlier in the year.

1933 saw 7 individual titles on the stands (Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, Amazing Stories Quarterly, Wonder Stories, Wonder Stories Quarterly, Astounding Stories, and Tales of Mystery and Terror, producing a total of 42 issues during the year.


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