Samuel Delany highlights influential author Leigh Brackett

GA Minton offers us a different take on an American Classic

While you’re waiting for your flying car, here’s an SF prediction that has actually arrived – spray on clothing.  (Some nudity)

Youtube 1930s SF Reads tackles Campbell’s Who Goes There?

David Gerrold is selling as unique publication:  The writer’s guide he wrote of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  This is the project that led to his separation from the show.

Wakanda Forever Trailer

PN Elrod thinks  you’ll fall for this advent calendar

Huffington Post has a roundup of Halloween costumes for couples.  Some of them are quite clever!

Becky Kyle brings us this absolutely fantastic image of female power!

Jeffrey Allan Beeler informs us that the LAST library catalog card has been printed

Yes, we’re highlighting this:  THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO RETURN TO PHYSICAL MEDIA Thanks to Bob Eggleton for highlighting it for us!

Three win Nobel  for Quantum Physics

JMS Still Pushing B5 Reboot

Get Ready for a slightly different take on your Holiday Movie:  Harbour is Santa in “Violent Nights”

Michael Swanwick shares this photo of the other attendee of his meetup with Samuel Delany

I’d No Idea, and would happily still have no idea:  A “version” of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was r/i/p/p/e/d/ /o/f/f filmed in Egypt.  With some changes made ….

Biden says doomsday clock is getting closer to midnight

Easter Island Heads Will R…Burn.  Tragic.

Apparently, NOTHING is sacred.  Pilot locks cockpit door and exposes himself

A Cautionary Tale from Writer Beware

Moshe Feder shares this Tom Gauld cartoon

Lisa Yaszek announces a book signing for the second volume of The Future is Female anthology!

And, in even more Yaszek News, the editor and educator appears on TCM

If you are in to wildlife, check out this gallery of livestream nature videos

Not genre, but it could be:  Chaos on the T-Ball field.

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