EXPERIMENTER PUBLISHING releases cover and contents list of its latest publication – CENTS OF WONDER Science Fictions First Award Winners

Jewish Futures Kickstarter for anthology announced, fronted by Award Winning Author Michael Burstein & Ian Randal Strock

Tony Peek comments on the changing definition of “Nerd”

Samuel Delany discusses Joanna Russ

Huffpost offers to show everyone how to delete personal info from the web

Our friend – Somtow Sucharitkul (composer, conductor, author) – can now add Indy Film Star to his resume

Welcome to the Birdverse

Becky Kyle draws our attention to this statement from George Takei 

Neil Rest furthers the conversation on neurodiversity and fandom

World Fantasy Convention is coming fast and they want you to know it’s a great place for a book launch

Nicolas Lopez unearths a great poster predicting the Sputnik future of 1958

Glynn Owen Barrass shares this NSFW photo of an SF – “Themed” sex toy

DART Scheduled to Impact Tomorrow!

Mini-Editorial:  First they demonstrated that reading electronic books negatively affects comprehension and retention when compared to the reading of physical books.  Now,  a study demonstrates that using GPS and mapping programs negatively affects spatial memory when compared to reading a map.  (Remember those gate-folded monstrosities?)  Years ago I protested against the introduction of electronic paintball guns because using them negatively impacted an officials ability to enforce the rules.  How many more examples do we need to accept the fact that electronic tools are being used to enable rather than educate? Habitual Use of GPS….

Issues with WEBB instrumentation may affect some imaging missions

Bob Eggleton wants us to know that he will be a guest at RetroExpo!

A review of the Rings of Power calls it a show “wrapped in a plastic Tolkein veneer”

Other Mini-Editorial:  Rings of Power may very well be the property that demonstrates to Hollywood that beyond a certain point, you can’t buy an audience.  Or at least the audience you bought is under no obligation to stay bought.   It may also be the disaster that demonstrates to Hollywood that you can not treat “art” like a “commodity”, but that latter hope is a deeply forlorn one.

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