Jim Belfiore shares this image of Science Fiction’s Number One Fan

A Salute to Octavia Butler on this recent Science Fiction Day

Milton Davis shared this very interesting video on the Black Science Fiction page

Michael Walsh likes this SpaceX launch camera video

Den Valdron reports on this Manitoba Writer’s Guild contest

Darrell Schweitzer is apparently happy with the new cover for the Robert E. Howard Reader collection he edited

Steve Jordan presages the entry of Metropolis into the public domain with this essay

JM Holmes pays tribute to important female scientist Margaret Hamilton

What did the Earth look like during different eras?  Check out these interactive globes

A chance meeting of Black Holes?

Prejudice in fiction:  Dorothy Sayers and the Jew Who Wasn’t There

Ralston Stahler focuses on the death of human narration in the face of AI

The word “Cromulent” appeared in Scott Edelman‘s dream

Furry Inspiration:  Man spends 18 thousand pounds on wolf costume (‘scuse me “fur suit”)

Signum University sent out their latest newsletter

About 100 LYs away, there’s one, maybe two habitable Earth-like planets

Avedon Carol shared this photo of TAFF winners

De-aging breakthrough?

Ancient Ostrich Eggs could be a key find

Ruh-Roh!  Reviewers not  liking Velma all that much

2023 Space Mission roundup

9 Year Old Discovers Massive Megaladon Toooth

Erin Underwood highlights the upcoming Boskone 60

Afua Richardson shares her cover art for Wakanda Forever and Black History Month

Brianna Wu wants you to know that her husband, Frank, just had a story picked up for a best of 2022 anthology

Norman Spinrad performs at the Electronic Circus

*Our featured image this week comes from the December, 1954 cover of Fantastic Universe magazine, by Alex Schomburg.  Frank Belknap Long explains the scene in an about the cover feature, describing the emotional shock that would likely accompany such a discovery.

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