Fifteen (justifiably?) forgotten SF TV shows of the 80s?  You decide.

Is there subterranean book-banning going on?  Some think so

Football Running Back wears suit displaying the names of African Americans killed by police

Marta Randall shows us a very interesting map

New JWST pics

Big Tech and Anti-Trust

More Disney Preversions – by the Late Show (commentary on Disney introducinig R rated shows to its streaming service)

Mark Bode, son of Vaugh Bode, has been creating a mural for the new Uncle Hugo’s store.  David Dyer-Bennett has a photo series

More Helicopters for Mars!

Cosmologists are awed by JWST Photos.  Well, we should hope so!

Chinese Booster coming down – happened already, so if you didn’t get hit, you are in the clear

Guide to Chi-Town for Chicon attendees

David Brin highlights a temperate place discovered on the Moon

Liz Williams draws our attention to another Saudi mega-project:  The Wall.

Didn’t make SDCC?  Here’s all of the trailers you didn’t get to see.  No, it’s not all – we’re still not getting to see some.

And here’s why no one got to see the only trailer worth watching at SDCC

John Picacio was recently interviewed

The Robot Lady – Lynne Fahnestalk – wants you to know about this reboot of Max Headroom

And now we know how ALL of the proteins fold

Leslie Austin highlights these new JWST planetary pics

Nigel Sellers is impressed by this High School student’s statement on book banning

Did you know that Einstein spoke at Black Universities?  Did you know he  spoke out about racism?  (Via Steven Barnes)

Janis Ian wants you to see this Tom Gault cartoon

Richard Graeme Cameron is pleased to announce this VCon news

Charlize Theron portraying Philip K. Dick’s sister in new movie


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