Happy Juneteenth!

Today is Juneteenth.

On this day in 1865 (157 years ago for those who can’t to quick math in their heads) General Order No. 3, issued by General Gordon Granger, announced that the Emancipation Proclamation applied to all of the former slaves in the state of Texas.

It represents the final emancipation of slaves in the United States.

The day has been celebrated from at least 1866 and was made an official Federal Holiday by President Biden in 2021.

Today, the holiday serves to remind us of the correction to interpretations of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, highlighting the fact that all human beings, regardless of complexion or gender, are entitled to equality under the law.

AND as a reminder that our work in that regard  is not yet done.

Now, while today is in fact the nineteenths of June, the 20th – tomorrow, Monday – is the actual Federal Holiday.

Today, Sunday, is also Father’s Day.

(Seems we can’t get away from giving minority-based Holidays short shrift…yes, definitely more work to be done.)

So Happy Junteenth Father’s Day!

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