Amazing News: 6/12/22

CJ Cherryh offers up some more support for Moses Ingram

D&D is Antisemitic? (Not all that surprising)

Apparently, a lot of people are gaming Amazon and it is costing authors.

Liz Mundy & Bill Nye get married

Strange World teaser

Moon is More Dick than Blade Runner….

Wednesday, Burton’s new take on the Addams Family teaser

Before reading this – Milo is back as MTG’s internread this

Thoughts on child actors from an actor on a show with child actors (David Harbour, Stranger Things)

Midnight Gospel cancelled by Netflix

Sandman Trailer  (Meh)

Dune video looks to be metastasizing like the books:  Info on Dune: The Sisterhood

Michael Dean Jackson shares some AI generated artwork AI Art Gallery 

Perseverance has a Martian rock for a pal

River of life found beneath arctic ice (via Stupefying Stories)

Prey trailer – the Predator franchise goes back in time and Prey will be viewable in Commanche language

Ms. Marvel launches with perfect score

Unusual geologic feature discovered on Mars

New Release:  ReAnimus Press announces From the Depths of Hellas by Bruce Taylor

Atwood’s fireproof book stunt earns 130K

Oh Noes!  Stranger Things admits continuity error!

New Resident Evil trailer more than just zombies

DC Comics now dictating the sex acts its heroes can or can’t perform

Speaking of sex acts nor performed, The Batman 2 has been greenlit

A Troll is coming to Netflix

Black Adam trailer

JJ Abram’s perversion moving closer to production

Not a perversion so much as an abomination:  Rob Zombie’s The Munsters trailer

Cyberpunkist John Shirley profiled

Big Origins of Life News:  Amino acids found in asteroid sample

JWST Hit by meteoroid

Solid state batteries closer

Nope’s final trailer

Trailer for SF Film Vesper

“Extinct” for over 100 years Galapagos tortoise species found

New Releases: The Great Book of King Arthurian and His Knights of the Round Table 

Robot finger has living skin

David Dyer-Bennet announces that a somewhat personally adjacent astronomer has had a minor planet named after himself

Muppets Bring it Home with song about Jan 6

Too rich not to post:  Two workers rescued from chocolate tank


White Supremacist Extremists arrested before causing mayhem   Video

Maya Cade creates Black Film Archive  (The World, the Flesh and the Devil highlights their genre collections)  The Black Film Archive

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