Best Editor Long Form Hugo: Eligible Works from 2020
By JJ: To assist Hugo nominators, listed below are the editors of long-form works published for the first time in 2020. Note that all of these works, unless they are labeled “nonfiction”, are eligible in the Best Novel category. These

National Film Registry Announces 2020 Selections
A Clockwork Orange, Shrek and The Dark Knight, inspired by sf, fantasy and comics, are on the list of 25 movies inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress this year. Also, A Cabin in the Sky,

Journey Planet 52: Pen and ink.
Sara Felix joins Chris Garcia and James Bacon this issue as the focus of journey planet turns to the artistic and communicative uses of ink. Available here to download: Journey Planet issue 52. James Bacon comments: With a strongly visual theme,

Pixel Scroll 12/18/20 Continued On Next Orc
DIGITAL DIAGNOSIS. N. K. Jemisin tries to work out what the symptoms of social media indicate. Thread starts here. (2) OF THE GALAXY? “U.S. Space Force unveils name of space professionals” – and that name is: Guardians. Today, after

Marvel’s King in Black One Shots Coming in March
Earlier this month, King In Black #1 hit stands, and fans finally saw masterminds Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman plunge the Marvel Universe into darkness with the long-dreaded arrival of Knull – never mind that the character’s name makes Swedish-speaking

Editorial Turnover at Amazing Stories
Editor-in-Chief of Amazing Stories Ira Nayman announced his resignation on December 15 in an email to Publisher Steve Davidson and Creative Director Kermit Woodall. “His resignation was accepted and we thank him for his contributions and wish him the best in

Carl Brandon Society Names 2019 Parallax and Kindred Award Winners
The Carl Brandon Society has announced the winners of our 2019 Parallax and Kindred Awards. “After a hiatus of several years, we’re very proud to once again highlight outstanding works of speculative fiction written by BIPOC authors—the Parallax—and focused on

Pixel Scroll 12/17/20 For He To-Day That Scrolls His Pixel With Me, Shall Be My Sibling; Be He Ne’er So File
INSIDE STORY. In “Why I Write”: Samuel R. Delany scrolls through the reasons. This conversation appears in the Winter 2020 print issue of The Yale Review. … I remember sitting on the steps of the embalming room at the back

The Nebula Awards Showcase #54 Released
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA) spotlights some of the best science fiction and fantasy published in 2018 with the release of The Nebula Awards Showcase 54.This latest volume of the prestigious anthology series contains works

Walter Jon Williams Q&A About Fleet Elements and the Praxis Series
WALTER JON WILLIAMS is the winner of two Nebulas and a five-time Hugo nominee. His most recent books are The Sundering, The Praxis, This Is Not a Game, and Quillifer. In 2006, Williams founded the Taos Toolbox, a two-week writer’s workshop for fantasy and

Pixel Scroll 12/16/20 She’s Got A Pixel To File
PAY THE WRITER. In “Star Wars novelist Alan Dean Foster’s Disney royalties issue, explained” at Polygon, Andrew Liptak examines the terrain of what is likely to be an uphill struggle, documents the increasing number of writers with the same

2020 Dream Foundry Writing and Art Contest Winners
Dream Foundry announced the winners of its 2020 contests for beginning artists and writers working in science fiction, fantasy, or other speculative fields. First place in the art contest is awarded the Monu Bose Memorial Prize, worth $1000. The first place Eligibility List Updated by Neil Clarke
Neil Clarke has updated the Semiprozine Directory for the benefit of Hugo voters who want to know what’s eligible in the Best Semiprozine category. He tells File 770 — I can’t say that there’s been much activity. Not shocking considering the year

Pixel Scroll 12/15/20 All These Pixels Are Yours. Except Europa. Attempt No Scrolling There
INTRODUCING BUTLER TO NEW READERS. Elizabeth Connor describes the work of “repackaging the Patternist Series for the Mother of Afrofuturism” in “How to Give Octavia Butler the Covers She Deserves” at Literary Hub. …After some back and forth—and plenty

SMOFCon 37¼ Roundup
[Notes from Kevin Standlee, Marguerite Smith, Jannie Shea, and Vincent Docherty, and James Bacon.] SMOFCon 37¼ went well. This year’s event SMOFcon 38 in Montreal moved to 2022 and with next year’s 2021 event, SMOFcon Europe in Lisboa. Both SMOFcon’s

Pixel Scroll 12/14/20 Vader Di, Vader Da, Life Goes On, Hey
TOP SHELF. The Odyssey Writing Workshop Blog shares some interesting insights: “Interview: Guest Lecturer David Farland”. You write under Dave Wolverton for science fiction stories and David Farland for fantasy stories. How did you decide on using two names

Journey Planet Takes on The Future of Policing in Science Fiction
By James Bacon: Journey Planet announces the publication of their 53rd edition of their Hugo Award winning fanzine, JP53: The Future of Policing. Co-editor, author, and fan Errick Nunnally suggested the theme for this issue because he felt that it

Pixel Scroll 12/13/20 It’s The Pixel To Scroll When You’re Scrolling More Than One
THE VALUE IN EXPERIMENTING. Nino Cipri offers some sff writing pointers. Thread starts here. (2) BABY FOOD. Beware spoilers – but not spoilage: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2: A Baby Yoda food diary”) in the LA

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