Sferacon – Croatian National SF Convention – Invites Ukrainians to Attend

Boris Sydiuk, from Kyiv, Ukraine, sent the following information via Facebook Messenger:

SFeraCon is taking place from 13th till 15th of May (Friday evening till Sunday evening) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (If you are in Zagreb, simply look for FER) and is offering FREE attendance to all Ukrainian Fans.

“If you are a citizen of Ukraine who came to Croatia to find temporary shelter from war, and are interested in science, science fiction, fantasy, horror literature, films or series, or borderline geeky activities such as board or computer games, cosplay or stuff like that, we would love to help you drop your worries for at least one weekend: come to SFeraKon for free. We offer three days of programme, but more importantly, an opportunity for you to take part in a gathering with a lot of fun and friendly people who may share some of your interests.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any translation into Ukrainian language, but if you speak English, then you already have something in common with 90% of the population at SFeraKon. Even of you don’t speak English, Ukrainian and Croatian have some similarities so most likely you will be able to communicate with others with a moderate amount of good will and a bit of hand waving.”

You can learn more about the Croatian National Science Fiction Convention – SFeraCon/SFeraKon here and visit the official website here.

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