In the latest collection of Marvel Stormbreakers variant covers, fans can be transported to various locations throughout the Marvel Universe. The technologically advanced Wakanda, the mysterious jungles of the Savage Land, the mean streets of Madripoor, and the quaint yet

Pixel Scroll 4/9/22 Pixelscrollia As The Key Insight
NEVER MIND. Roseanne Roseannadanna asks, “What’s all this I hear about Paramount walking back Spock’s canonical first name?” That’s what Collider says in an update to their post “Spock’s Full Name Revealed on Star Trek Strange New Worlds Poster”.

Laser Cats
By John A Arkansawyer: “In the future, there was a nuclear war. And because of all the radiation, cats developed the ability to shoot lasers out of their mouths.” On this dubious premise, was founded. By its seventh and final

Pixel Scroll 4/8/22 No One But A Blockhead Ever Scrolled Except For Pixels
CANON SALUTE. “Spock Gets New Canon Full Name In Star Trek Strange New Worlds” reports Gizmodo. And that name is S’Chn T’Gai Spock. …[This] is not an unfamiliar name to fans of classic Star Trek novels. Barbara Hambly’s Pocket Book novel Ishmael,

Mimi Mondal Wins SLF’s 2022 A.C. Bose Grant
The Speculative Literature Foundation announced today that Mimi Mondal is the winner of the 2022 A.C. Bose Grant for South Asian Speculative Literature worth $1,000 for her work “Twenty-Nine Days Before Remaking the World.” Mimi Mondal (she/they) was nominated for the Nebula Award in

What the Heinleins Told the 1950 Census
When we last left the Heinleins (“What the Heinleins Told the 1940 Census”), a woman answering the door at 8777 Lookout Mountain – Leslyn Heinlein, presumably — had just finished telling the 1940 census taker a breathtaking raft of misinformation.

Pixel Scroll 4/7/22 Earth, Be Glad! An April Scroll Is Born
GAIMAN AND DORAN. The Guardian has made the full video of the livestream event with Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran available online now, introducing their new graphic novel Chivalry from Dark Horse Comics. In comic shops now, in bookstores

Pixel Scroll 4/6/22 This Is The Hour When Moonstruck Faneds Know What Pixels Scroll In Yuggoth
PRESSING ON. Apex Book Company is seeking $6,200 to publish a print compilation anthology of all the original genre short fiction that appeared in their digital publication, Apex Magazine, during the 2021 calendar year. Their Kickstarter project, “Apex Magazine 2021 Compilation

Quantum Shorts 2021 Flash Fiction Competition Winners
Three winning entries in the Quantum Shorts 2021 flash fiction competition were announced April 5. Quantum short stories are no longer than 1000 words, and the contest entries were required to contain the phrase “it’s a lot to think about”. The winners

The Tolkien Society Awards 2022 Shortlist Announced
The Trustees of The Tolkien Society have released the shortlist for The Tolkien Society Awards 2022. Members of the Society have until April 8 to cast their votes. The shortlist for the Awards is as follows: BEST ARTWORK “Minas Tirith built

Pixel Scroll 4/5/22 Now That’s A Pixel I’ve Not Scrolled In A Long Time. A Long Time
BEARING IT ALL. John Scalzi gives his fans a gift in “A New Story For You: Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager” at Whatever. Whenever I go on book tour, I like to write up a short story to read at the

Chicon 8 Membership Update
Chicon 8, the 2022 Worldcon, has published Progress Report #3, available to all as a free download. MEMBERSHIP RATES WILL RISE. On May 1, 2022, rates will increase in certain membership categories. See the PR for details. HOTEL RESERVATIONS

Review of Becoming Superman
By Martin Morse Wooster: Horror writer/director Larry Cohen was once the subject of a New Yorker profile, and the interviewer asked him how he still had a career when he was in his mid-sixties. Cohen explained that in Hollywood, no

Pixel Scroll 4/4/22 Just A Pixel Boy, Lots Of Planets Have A South, He Took The Tardis Box Goin’ Anywhere
BETTER VILLAINS THROUGH SCIENCE (FICTION). Charlie Jane Anders shares “7 Secrets To Avoiding The Biggest Problem With Villains” at Stone Soup. Lots of interesting observations here. 5) A villain is often boring because of boring fight scenes. Or boring chase

Elmer Bernstein at 100
Elmer Bernstein (Born: April 4, 1922 / Died: August 18, 2004) By Steve Vertlieb: The so called “Golden Age” of Hollywood and Film was deeply scarred, forever changed and traumatized, as was the rest of the civilized world, by the

Charles de Lint Steps Down as Chicon 8 GoH
Chicon 8 announced today that author Charles de Lint will not be appearing as one of their guests of honor. It is with regret that we announce that Charles de Lint has had to step down as Guest of

Emails From Lake Woe-Is-Me — Fit the Twenty-Sixth
[Introduction: Melanie Stormm continues her humorous series of posts about the misdirected emails she’s been getting. Stormm is a multiracial writer who writes fiction, poetry, and audio theatre. Her novella, Last Poet of Wyrld’s End is available through Candlemark &


2022 ESFS Awards
The European Science Fiction Society named the 2022 winners of the ESFS Achievement Awards and the ESFS Hall of Fame Awards on April 9 during Eurocon / Luxcon 2022 held in Dudelange, Luxembourg. ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Award Winner Country Best Dramatic Presentation Will

The Tolkien Society Awards 2022
winners were announced April 9. BEST ARTWORK “Minas Tirith built from 110000 LEGO Bricks” build by BricksCreations, Stebrick; design by Stefano Mapelli BEST ARTICLE “A Song of Greater Power: Tolkien’s Construction of Lúthien Tinúviel” by

2022 Aurora Award Ballot
The 2022 Aurora Awards finalists have been announced by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. An online awards ceremony will be held on August 13 at When Words Collide. BEST NOVEL A Broken Darkness, Premee Mohamed, Solaris Jade Legacy,

2022 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis Finalists
The nominees for the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis 2022 were announced April 3. The juried award for the best short story and best novel published in the German language in the previous year is sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. Each

2022 BAFTA Games Awards
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts today announced the winners of the “celebrating the very best in games of 2021 and highlighting an outstanding level of creative excellence from a broad range of UK and international development

2022 International Booker Prize Shortlist
The 2022 International Booker Prize shortlist was released April 7. Only one of the longlisted books with genre elements is still in the running. Cursed Bunny by Bora Chung, translated from Korean by Anton Hur Korean author Bora Chung uses elements of the

European Science Fiction Society Disallows Award Nominations and Delegates from Russia and Belarus
This week European Science Fiction Society delegates created a rule authorizing them to disallow award nominations and delegates from a country, then immediately voted to apply the new provisions to exclude Russia and Belarus for 2022. The ESFS is meeting

2022 Philip K. Dick Award Judges Announced
The five Philip K. Dick Award judges for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original format in the United States for the 2022 award year are: Michael Cassutt12241 Hillslope StreetStudio City CA 91604-3604 .pdf files to Matthew Goodwin200 Mulberry

2022 Hugo Award Finalists
Chicon 8, the 80th World Science Fiction Convention, today announced the finalists for the 2022 Hugo Awards, Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book, and Astounding Award for Best New Writer. There were 1368 valid nominating ballots (1366 electronic and

2021 Aurealis Awards Shortlists
The shortlists for the 2021 Aurealis Awards were announced April 5 by the Continuum Foundation (ConFound). The award recognizes the achievements of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror writers. BEST CHILDREN’S FICTION The Boy Who Stepped Through Time, Anna Ciddor (Allen &

2022 Darrell Awards
The winners were announced on March 26 at MidSouthCon 38. The annual Darrell Awards support Midsouth Literacy by recognizing the best published Science Fiction, Fantasy and/or Horror. COGER MEMORIAL HALL OF FAME AWARD Sheree Renée Thomas for

2022 Grammy Awards
The 2022 GRAMMY Awards were presented in a ceremony that aired April 3. The complete list of winners is at the link. The two winners of genre interest I recognized are The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical, and the soundtrack for the

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