DAY 13 of the Ukrainian Resistance: Unfettered Ukrainian News

Everyone we are in touch with in Ukraine remains in communication with us.  One recently had a birthday, but name and birthdate together is too much identifying information so, in lieu of a personal wish, here’s wishing everyone in Ukraine Happy Birthday – and MANY more!

We are informed that there is a website devoted to Ukrainian Science Fiction  – unfortunately, I’ve temporarily mislaid the link.  If anyone can provide it, I’m happy to edit this post to add it – though the suggestion is that its maintainers might be busy with other things right now.

And this bit of tragi-comedy:  a Russian high tech, secure battlefield communication system is apparently a complete failure and may be responsible for some of the visible incompetence of the Russian military.

Offered by a Facebook connection, here’s a link to the Twitter Thread.

The skinny on this story is, the Russian military destroyed the very Ukrainian infrastructure needed to make their own communications system work.

Maybe it will turn out to be the equivalent of a conscript shooting himself in the foot with his army-issued rifle in order to get out of serving.

Mini-editorial:  It sure is, ummm, “interesting” to be presented with either “sabotage” ore “incompetence” as the over-all explanation for the Russian Military’s obvious failures.

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