SPECIAL NOTE:  A website for Ukrainian SF Fans can be found here.  Thanks to Carsten Schmitt for the link.

New finagling with the Drake Equation suggests there are 36 “contactable” civilizations in our galaxy

Podcasters read a Harlan Ellison lawsuit

Dr. Strange takes on a Cowboy over Gay Themes in Film

Batman filmmakers did not want “urban” actress who later became THE Catwoman

Octopi older than dinos (evidence mounts for extraterrestrial origin…jk)

Adam-Troy Castro’s Judi is not available to read on the Lightspeed magazine website

Endurance has Endured:  Shackleton’s ship discovered

Next Week Vintage Pulp & Paperback Show

Another take at defining Science Fiction

Ahoy!  White Hole off the Port Bow!  Astronomers may have had their Ahab moment

People are STILL trying to claim that John Carter was a decent film except for the marketing.  (Hint:  No, it wasn’t)

David Brin comments on Apple’s Foundation...thinks it needs less blush, but otherwise the makeover is ok

Orlando NASFiC Bid discusses Chengdu, boycots and Disney

Book Odyssey Youtube channel discusses the differences between “classic” and “modern” “scifi”.  Hints: they’re both Science Fiction

Ukrainian & Russian SF authors “predicted” the Ukraine invasion

Giant Spiderlings Ballooning Down on You

Moshe Feder and Jon Henri Holmberg created and popularized this montage of Female SF Authors.  (Not all of them are in there, but regardless, how many do you recognize?  How many have you read?)

Nnedi, the Okoraformeister, signin copies!  

Mark Hamill takes on  anti-gay Ben Shapiro

Darrell Schweitzer announces multi-volume anthology of Weird Tales, ummm, tales

KKR examines Sanderson’s Kickstarter

Fast Carnivorous Plants

New Drone Tech:  No Propellers

White Nationalism Continues to Grow in both size and political influence

Persecution of the Readers and the Librarians Has Begun (If you listen closely at Bradbury’s grave, you can hear a “whirring” noise)

THE Catwoman lands in THE cat litter on THE SNL

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