GoFundMe on Behalf of Paul Jenkins

A crowdfunder has been launched on behalf of Paul  Jenkins for legal and medical expenses.

Paul Jenkins is, among other things, the writer of Wolverine: Origins.  His Facebook page.

From the Fund Raiser –

Please help my friend Paul Jenkins.
This is a story about right versus wrong. It’s a story about a good man standing up to intimidation and injustice, and it is a story that must have an ending in court.
For three years, my friend, Paul Jenkins, has stood alone against a person who many have called a toxic internet bully. Like many others before him, Paul became the target of this man who persecutes innocent people by filing frivolous and often life-changing lawsuits against them. The defense of himself and his business has led to Paul being billed for over $650,000 in legal expenses. During this same period of time, he has had to endure huge medical bills while his wife recovered from brain surgery.
Now Paul is very close to getting this case to trial. lf he succeeds, I believe that Paul will be vindicated and that the truth about many things this individual doesn’t want made public will finally be revealed. Please help Paul and his family overcome this last hurdle so he can stand in court on behalf of multiple victims.
Why am I launching this GoFundMe?
Besides the fact that Paul is my friend, I know some of the pain that he and his family have endured. I, my business partner, and our business were the victims of one of this person’s many lawsuits. He sued us to demand money from a business transaction he had no part in. Knowing he had no standing to file on me in California, he intentionally filed in the wrong jurisdiction just to cause me financial pain. Ultimately my case was dismissed. My business partner and our business were not so lucky, and both were forced into bankruptcy. He has since threatened to file multiple additional lawsuits against not just myself, but many others. This has to stop!

Below, the video for the Crowdfunder.  Please take a moment to read additional information on the GoFundMe platform and view the explanatory video below.


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